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WingsXI has a new home!

The server has been merged with CatsEyeXI. Please visit the FAQ for information about how a world within a world was custom built for us there.

If you still have your WingsXI install, it is possible to import Macros and Equipsets into the CatsEyeXI install. It is an intermediate-level process on a technical level, but there are plenty of people to help out in the CatsEyeXI discord. The basic process is this though:
  • Install and run the CatsEyeXI launcher
  • Navigate to create a WEW account, link your old WingsXI account (before hitting create, accounts can only be linked during creation process), and import your characters
  • Create a profile in the launcher for this new account
  • Log into the game
  • Once you have logged into the CEXI server, a folder will be made in your install path: \catseyexi\catseyexi-client\Game\FINAL FANTASY XI\USER
  • The folder will be the hex conversion of your char id (i.e. 496c would be charid 18796), which you can get from the CatsEyeXI website URL when you view your character
  • Simply paste everything from your similar folder in the WingsXI data: \WingsXI\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XI\USER
  • Again, the folders are named by the hex conversion of your character id, available by logging into the WingsXI website (or contacting a CEXI GM)
  • Know that this folder contains all your settings for that particular character, so you can always log out, delete the folder, then log back in to build it from scratch
The process to move Ashitacast XML files is a bit simpler.
  • Step one is to copy all your XML files from your WingsXI install: \WingsXI\Ashita\config\AshitaCast
  • And place them in the LegacyAC config folder: \catseyexi\catseyexi-client\Ashita\config\LegacyAC
  • Now you must load the LegacyAC plugin. This can be done by adding /load legacyac to your default.txt: \catseyexi\catseyexi-client\Ashita\scripts\default.txt
Finally, here's a short list of addons/plugins that are similar to what you were used to in ashita v3. Thank you to Orionpendraggon for compiling the list:
  • Addons:
    • HXUI - (FFXIV inspired user interface) will function as a partybuffs / enemy buffs / debuff tracker - /hxui to change settings
    • chains - works like the skillchains addon
    • simplelog - works like the battlemod addon
    • targetlines - show lines on you / party members and mobs to annotate actions / emnity for the mob
    • statustimers - works like the status addon did but much improved
    • debuff - works like the debuffed addon for v3 (will cancel shadows and buffs with ashitacast)
    • equipmon - works like equipviewer did for v3 - /equipmon to edit settings
    • mobdb - works similar to ibar will show mob info / weaknesses and resists as an icon
    • points - works similar to watchexp can change to compact mode to emulate watchexp - /points config to change settings
    • timers - works similar to recast but show a bar as well as countdown timer -will also function as a debuff timer tracker on the mobs
  • Plugins:
    • findall - works similar to findall from v3 but enhanced
    • legacyac - this is the ashitacast from v3 -have to change any ashitacasts from /ac to /legacyac- /legacyac is the new command so as an example to disable your body you will type /legacyac disable body or to load it /legacyac load
    • toon - graphics changer gives ffxi a more cartoon like appearance
  • A lot of the other addons are the same from v3 such as distance, tparty, petinfo, macrofix, rolltracker, checker, recast, and etc.
This is Cait Sith in FFXI. You will get to know it here.

Welcome to WingsXI!

Wings is a level 75 capped Wings of the Goddess server focused on providing a fun, feature rich gaming experience with common sense quality of life improvements.

Our server includes all of the following:

  • Wings of the Goddess era skill up rates and experience rates.
  • All jobs thru Wings of the Goddess expansion.
  • Unrestricted Level Sync.
  • Fully fleshed out Fishing.
  • Once-per Vana'diel day Valor pages for full credit (can complete more but there are diminishing returns).
  • Mog Wardrobe and Mog Sack access unlocks via storyline content.
  • Mog Satchel unlocked by enabling MFA on your account
  • A completely player-run economy.
  • Absolutely no multiboxing, enforced by the server software. (If you have multiple players in your household, please reach out via Discord to have an exception made for your home.)
  • A completely open-sourced code base that is actively developed by multiple other servers.
For more information, please join our Discord.