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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for checking us out! This is going to be a brief bullet point styled FAQ answering many of our most frequently asked questions.


Can I transfer my character from ?

No. We're aware that "you guys could have so many more players if you allowed transfers!" Everyone has to start fresh on Wings.

Dual boxing?

No. The server only allows one account to be created per unique IP address. You may have up to 3 characters created on your account, however it is not possible to log them in simultaneously. For any household that has multiple players, please reach out to a staff member and they can assist in setting up an exception for you and your housemate.

I need an IP exception for my brother / sister / son / mother / dog / random relative living with you

First one of you needs to already have an account. Once the first account is made, join our Discord and contact the GMs and give the username of the first account. We will tell you when you can create the second account. We usually process IP exception requests on a weekly basis so please be patient.
* You will not get an account for your dog.

Name/Race Changes?

Name: No. Not now and probably not ever. If you make a bad reputation for yourself you gotta live with it or reroll. Sorry.
Race: Each player is given one race change.

Gameplay Features

Mog Wardrobes?

Yes! To start, fresh characters will not have any Mog Wardrobe access, however as you progress thru various storylines (Nation missions, CoP, ToAU, WoTG) you will unlock more slots of "extra storage." Depending on which mission, these mission unlocks can add anywhere from 1 to 10 extra slots to your Mog Wardrobe. While we won't be revealing exactly which missions add how many slots, you will find that most rank up missions reward a moderate number of extra slots.



FoV? GoV?

FoV yes, GoV yes. FoV is limited to one per Vana'diel day, as it was during era, at full credit. Additional pages completed get progressively less rewards. GoV implemented to have same functionality as FoV: buffs only available that are also available from FoV and page rewards adjusted to match FoV rewards.

Treasure caskets?


Level sync?

Yes. Level sync will remain uncapped. Items will not sync down when level sync is applied, players must wear level-appropriate equipment when level sync'd.

RMT changes?

Sort of. Over the course of Wings' era, many Notorious Monsters had their loot changed to R/EX versions in the open world, and Rare versions in BCNMs. Since both of those systems would technically be "in era" for us, we chose to go with a mix of both. We have reverted ALL of those NMs so that they drop the Rare versions. R/EX versions are not available ANYWHERE. Other NMs that are more endgame focused were changed to be popped NMs instead of lotto NMs (like Sozu Rogberry for Thief's Knife as an example) and will still be popped. This change is mostly relevant to Sozu Rogberry and Ullikummi, although there are other examples as well. We wanted to appeal to both types of players, those that love the thrill of the camp and those that hate camping but love to grind, and so that's the system we chose.

Era cutoff?

This patch and everything before it. This was the final patch before Abyssea prepatch changes started being added.

Any specific, intentional out of era changes?

We use the KSNM99 system for ground kings. Players must fight KSNM99 versions of Behemoth/Adamantoise/Fafnir, then use dropped items to fight NQ version in open world. Open world versions have a chance to drop an HQ pop item for HQ version. We also raised all the HQ Beastmaster jugs to level 75 cap, and are offering access to Mog Wardrobes based on storyline progression.
Additionally, the Chocobo license quest is 6 minutes instead of 6 real-life hours since the original wait time was painful and posed no real challenge.
Other than these specific changes, everything else aims to be in-era.

Which jobs are available?

White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Warrior, Monk, Thief, Paladin, Ranger, Dragoon, Summoner, Samurai, Ninja, Dancer, Dark Knight, Beastmaster, Bard, Corsair, Puppetmaster, Blue Mage and Scholar.

Are the auction houses linked?

Yep! That also includes Norg, Kazham, Aht Urghan Whitegate, etc. All auction houses are tied together.

Does this server have crafting myths enabled? (Moon phase, facing direction, etc.)

No. This was confirmed to be false by Square Enix and has been removed from Project Topaz completely. Face whatever direction you want, and craft whenever it suits you. It doesn't make a difference.

Random thing behaves differently than on that other server random private server.

We attempt to recreate the WotG era of retail, we do not copy customizations from other private servers. If something is not behaving accurately, please submit an Issue ticket so we can review it's behavior.

Is PLing allowed?

Dual-boxing is not allowed, therefore using an alt as a PL is forbidden, however having a friend as PL is allowed. There is, however, an xp nerf for having a PL taking hate (10% exp loss per swing on the PL).

When does the conquest tally occur?

Conquest currently happens at midnight CET (on Sundays), due to a historic technical issue. This is 6pm EST / 23:00 UTC / Monday 8:00 JST. This may be changed in the future but we make no promises either way.

I can't buy an instant warp scroll!

The era price of an instant warp scroll is 750CP. It has been lowered to 10CP way later but since the listed price is hardcoded in the client we cannot change it, especially if you're not using the official Wings installer. The server will display a message though. Warps were never easy and free in era and warp scrolls were mostly used in emergencies, not on an everyday basis.

I can't buy a warp ring / my warp ring doesn't work!

These are way out of era. Due to it being hardcoded in the client (if you're not using the official Wings installer) we cannot remove it from the list of purchasable items however you will not be able to actually purchase it. Due to an oversight a small number of players were able to purchase the item when the server just launched. While the rings were not removed from their inventories they have been disabled and are no more than a decoration now.

My homing ring doesn't work!

The homing ring works only if both of the following conditions apply: (A) You've already ran the supply mission to the region's outpost and (B) Your nation currently has control of the region. If your nation loses control of the region you will not be able to use homing rings in that region until your nation takes control of the region again.

Other Miscellaneous Concerns

I want to contribute to Wings!

Visit our #contribute channel in Discord to see how you can contribute to the project.

I want to join the development of Wings!

Wings is an open sourced project. We have a separate Discord for our code work, which can be found here. Our repository can be found here.

  • All code posted on this repository is an exact copy of the code running on the current live server!
  • Everyone can download and modify code, as well as contribute back to the official Wings project, however the server owners reserve the right to decide which changes are actually merged into the official branch.
  • Wings is licensed under the GNU AGPLv3, meaning that any other public servers built upon the Wings codebase must be open source as well.
  • Developers who contribute regularly may be given an active developer status in our Project Discord, as well as be invited to chat on official Q&A development livestreams with the staff, etc.
  • Since Wings is based on the now defunct Project Topaz, the code base is a combination of LUA, C++, and SQL.