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Setting Up

If you're new here, follow these steps to get your game up and running!

  • Register your account here: Sign up page.
  • Confirm your email address in the followup email.
  • Download and install the Wings client, which can be downloaded here**: Download torrent
  • Once you have installed the client and registered your account, you're all set to play!

  • **You'll need a torrent application in order to download it, we generally would suggest uTorrent or BitTorrent, as these are the two most well-known programs for this. The installer comes pre-loaded with basically everything you need to get started right away!

    If you require additional help getting everything up and running, feel free to visit our Discord channels for #installation-help and #tech-support.

    Individual Downloads

    Video Tutorials

    We've also made a few video tutorials to help players get their client set up. You can also find these (and probably many more like them) in our Discord in the #video-tutorials channel.

  • Adjusting your settings to improve quality of life. -Gweivyth
  • Setting up Ashenbub's HD packs. -Ashenbubs
  • Switching between private servers? No problem! -Gweivyth
  • Ashita, and everything you ever wanted to know about it. -Gweivyth
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