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Server Information

This is a basic run-down of our server settings, as well as a brief explanation to any custom changes made to the server that deviate from normal era. You may find additional answers to questions in our FAQ, otherwise ask in our Discord.

Please keep in mind that while we tend to try and stick to what all was contained in patches that predate March 23rd, 2010, we may choose to include things from beyond this date at our (the server staffs) discretion.

Level Cap: 75.
Expansion Era: Wings of the Goddess.
Cutoff Date: While March 23rd, 2010 is the last official Wings of the Goddess pre-Abyssea patch, we may selectively add balance changes or quality of life updates that postdate this patch.
Movement Speed: 40.
Crafting Rates: 1.0.
Skillup Rates: 1.0.
Experience Rates: 1.0. Wings of the Goddess enhanced Signet is also available.
Dual Boxing: Not allowed. 1 character logged in per IP, enforced by the server's software.
Valor Pages: Once-per Vana'diel day for full credit (can complete more but there are diminishing returns)
Wardrobes/Sack: Unlocked with mission progress. (Nation, Zilart, CoP, and ToAU for Wardrobes; WotG for Sack)
Mog Satchel: Unlocked by enabling MFA on your account.
Artisan Moogle: Including a free warp scroll daily for having the discord boosted to level 3.
Auction House: Player stocked. 30 days lifespan for listings.
Outpost Warps: Enabled. Can only warp with gil, conquest points are not able to be used.
Instant Re-raise / Instant Warp: Original, higher CP cost.
Gardening: Enabled.
Crafting Myth: Removed.

Significant Content that's Enabled:

  • All Nation Missions
  • All Zilart Missions
  • All Sky NMs
  • All CoP Missions
  • All Sea NMs except AV
  • Limbus up to and including Ultima/Omega
  • Ouryu line including The Wyrmking Descends
  • All ToaU Missions
  • All ZNMs Including Pandemonium Warden (with a small QoL to quicken phases 1-20)
  • All Tier 1 Assaults including Nyzul Isle Investigation
  • WotG Missions up to "Purple, the New Black"
  • All Dynamis zones fully functional (Excepting Dyna-Tav final boss)
  • All 3 Mini Expansions fully implemented: ASA, AMK, ACP
  • Dark Ixion with proper spawn/spook/claim mechanics
  • Hobby Gathering
    • Harvesting
    • Excavation
    • Logging
    • Mining
    • Chocobo Digging
    • Clamming
  • Customized or Intentionally Out of Era Features

    • GP daily limit reset via trading gil to the GP NPC
    Yell: Enabled globally on a 15 minute cooldown.
    Server Linkshell: Enbled for all new players and anyone can type !addls to get a pearl.
    Linkshell Concierge: Enabled. The Linkshell Concierge NPCs are NPCs that will allow recruiting linkshells (aka guilds) and new players to meet. Linkshell owners can speak to these NPCs and add linkpearls to them to hand out, and new players can use these NPCs to browse and join a new guild. If you're just starting out and want some new friends, try out the Linkshell Concierge! See this page to find your nearest Linkshell Concierge.
    Maps: Characters automatically start with all maps unlocked.
    Chocobo Quest: Current retail wait times (1 real-life minute between feeding the chocobo for Chocobo's Wounds quest).
    Dynamis Lockout: 71 Hours. (Changed from era's 72 hour lockout.)
    ??? Respawns: 5 Minutes.
    HNMs: Ground kings (wyrms, adamantoise, and behemoth) will be spawned using spawned items gained from KSNM99 battles with their corresponding NQ versions. All other NMs will remain in their normal spawn locations.
    RMT Changes: RMT changes have been reverted and moved to their original locations for the following items. This means no versions of the following drop from corresponding battlefields.

    • Cross-Counters (Western Shadow)
    • Eurytos’s Bow (Eastern Shadow)
    • Leaping Boots (Leaping Lizzy)
    • Ochiudo’s Kote (Mee Deggi the Punisher)
    • Fuma Kyahan (Quu Domi the Gallant)
    • Peacock Charm (Argus)
    • Speed Belt (King Arthro)
    • Healing Staff (Roc)
    • Strider Boots (Simurgh)
    • Archer’s Ring (Stroper Chyme)
    • Kraken Club (Lord of Onzozo)
    • Astral Ring (Coffer chests in Castle of Oztroja)
    • Emperor's Hairpin (Valkurm Emperor)

    Loot: Chests and Coffers are instant repops to allow access to quest items for players. Players who open coffers or chests for loot will incur a 30-minute zone-wide illusion timer that will not allow them to gain loot from another chest/coffer until the illusion timer wears off.

    Crossbow Bolts / Wooden Arrow: All jobs are able to equip, primarily for THF's benefit since it has no low level Marksmanship ammo.


    • Dancer: has been given Dual Wield at its appropriate levels to help stay themeatic with the job.
    • Dancer: Spectral Jig has increased duration, currently using retail's duration length.
    • Ninja: Ninjutsu Monomi and Tonko current retail duration.
    • Ninja: Unified Ninjutsu tools are available via purchase and trade with Numa
    • Corsair: Trump card cases are available via purchase from Jajaroon
    • Scholar: Helix spells available at retail levels (but not usable as a SCH subjob)
    • Beastmaster: All high quality versions of Beastmaster jug pets have had their level cap raised to level 75. Normal quality versions retain their normal level caps.
    • Summoner: Cait Sith avatar via retail-accurate quests Champion of the Dawn and The Dawn Also Rises, with an adjusted requirement of having completed the last currently implemented WotG mission.
    • Not realy job-related, but Weapon Skills follow the dmg type of the weapon not of the skill. I.E. raging fists does piercing damage when using birdbanes

    Warp Cudgel has had its cooldown set to 1 hour.

    Solo gate breaches:

    • Garlaige Citadel: Weighted Stones
    • Eldieme Necropolis: Magicked Astrolabe
    • Quicksand Caves: Loadstone
    • Halvung: Bracelet of Verve

    Ephemeral Moogle: Limited to 12 clusters (144 crystals) per element

    Nation Rank benefits:

      Rank 10

      • Access to unlocked outpost warps even after switching nations
      • Bonus speed from Aketons in the respective cities even after switching nations
      • Signet staves are usable on anyone rank 10 with the respective nation, regardless of currently-aligned nation. Also usable in any zone.
      • Signet staves also give full-length signet, using the same formula as a gate guard.
      • Rank 10 in all 3 nations allows any nation aketon to provide speed boost in jeuno and WotG cities.

      Rank 5

      • Explorer Moogles allow warp to their respective nations. I.E. A player rank 5 with San d'Oria (even after changing allegiance) can use any Explorer Moogle to warp to San d'Oria.
      • Rank 5+ in all 3 nations allows Explorer Moogle warps to Selbina/Mhaura.

    Merit camps: Various merit camps were tweaked to be viable for 75-era

    • Orichalcumshell in Mount Zhayolm have their levels slightly lowered
    • Seaboard Vultures in Misareaux Coast had their respawn timers reduced to support well-geared teams in both J-8 and J-7 camps
    • Also when level 75, xp chain multiplier continues increasing until chain 20 to allow higher xp/hr

    Pixie behavior

    • Pixies will not heal or raise players if the Pixie is in combat
    • Pixies get stronger based on the server amity as well as the pixie hate of every player in the alliance if fighting a Pixie
    • Pixies will super-link throughout the zone if the player that engages combat has enough Pixie hate
    • Dark Ixion can be respawned (following normal spawn/movement mechanics) by capping the server Amity at the waterfall in Witchfire Glen

    Custom "Login Points"

    • Gain 2 points: (re)entering any zone once per real day
    • Lose 5 points: Receive random Tenshodo Coffer key items by talking to the coffer while owning none of the key items
    • Lose 3 points: Receive random Nyzul Exploration ??? item from the 20-floor group fully below your current climb progress. I.e. if your highest climb is floor 35, you can only get ??? items from 1-19